Why are statistics considered a crucial topic in business?

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What are the two different types of statistics?

There are mainly two different types of statistics: descriptive and inferential statistics. While descriptive statistics focus on sample data by using the mean or standard deviation, on the other hand, inferential statistics depend on sample data that can indicate random variation. These two types of methods are used for the analysis and evaluation of data that is collected from a sample.

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The two different types of statistics are discussed below:

  • Descriptive statistics

Descriptive statistics are the type of statistics that depends on using aspects of data analysis to work on a sample or a set of data. Researchers, statisticians, and scientists can identify the characteristics and patterns of the data with the use of descriptive statistics. For example, when a census analyst needs to find the meaning, variability, range of distribution, and central tendency of a given set of data, they can use descriptive statistics. Compared to inferential statistics, descriptive statistics are the most commonly used method of data collection and display.

  • Inferential statistics

On the contrary, inferential statistics puts more focus on the probability of outcomes that are received from any specific data tests to find a given sample of data. Inferential statistics are used to generalize about a given population or the probability of a given population.

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  • Uncertainty, probability, and variation in statistics

Statistics is a concept that mainly seeks to measure and interpret data that helps make predictions. However, some factors can affect the prediction and the outcome. Also, these factors can affect the relationship between actual results and a hypothesis. In statistics, uncertainty and variation refer to how data are connected to predicted outcomes, and on the other hand, probability is something that is based on creating a hypothesis to test a set of data.

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  • Uncertainty and variation

Depending on various events, the outcome can be uncertain. For example, when a meteorologist examines the variation in wind movements, temperatures, and moisture levels to predict an outcome that has not been determined yet, this is considered uncertainty. In this case, the meteorologist is using information about the differences in weather patterns so that the uncertainty of rainy weather can be predicted for the next day. Both variation and uncertainty are the features of statistics that determine the probability of an outcome.

  • Probability 

Probability in statistics concentrates on using the given information about the data sample to draw a conclusion about the probability of an outcome. Similarly, in the case of meteorologists, using variation and uncertainty, they come to a conclusion that can provide them with enough mathematical information to find out the probability of rainy weather for the coming day.

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What are the steps followed to make a statistical analysis?

There are five different types of steps that are followed in a statistical analysis process:

  • Data collection: For any statistical analysis, you need to collect relevant data, which is your first step. You can collect data either through primary or secondary data.
  • Data organization: The second step is to organize the collected data. This stage is useful for identifying and removing unwanted data.
  • Data presentation: It basically involves arranging the data in the correct structure for easy analysis.
  • Data analysis: Data analysis is used to identify trends, patterns, and relationships with the use of statistical techniques.
  • Data interpretation is the last step that ultimately draws the conclusion that it is accessible for understanding the whole set of data.

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To conclude, statistics is a powerful concept in any business or finance. Knowing about statistics will help you explore more about data concepts, discover market trends, and find patterns. If you want to excel in the subject, try to learn every topic from the beginning itself.

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